Staff Training

The training of staff of the PSTU faculty of agricultural will focus on three different activities: Two PhD students will be supported by the project, Post-doctoral training for the PSTU senior staff and short courses in Bangladesh for the more Junior staff.

PhD students
During the initial phase, a call for PhD students was circulated among the staff of the PSTU , faculty of agriculture. Of the 6 candidates who applied, 2 candidates have been selected: Md Isfatuzzaman Bhuyan and Moriom Akter Mousumi.
The PhD candidates have the following programme:
Jan – Jun 2020 Training and proposal development Wageningen
July 2020 – September 2021 Fieldwork Bangladesh
Sep 2021 – Feb 2022 Training, Data analysis and writing, Wageningen
February 2022 – June 2023 Fieldwork Bangladesh
Jul – Dec 2023 Data Analysis and writing and submitting dissertation, Wageningen

Postdoctoral training
Within the project will be 8 post-doctoral training project. Each of the selected post-doc will have training at Wageningen University, do a research project and develop a course for master program of the CSA institute. The post-doc will come to Wageningen for 3 months. During this three months they will follow a CSA related master course for one month. They will start with the development of a course and draft a research proposal. The last nine months will be spent at PSTU. The programme will end with a seminar where each of the post-doc will present their results. The aim is to publish a paper co-authored by PSTU staff and staff of the other partners and link the researchers to other experts in their field of work in Bangladesh and internationally.

Short courses for Junior staff
For staff of the Agricultural Faculty not involved in the post-doc and PhD projects we will organise on
site trainings at PSTU. At least three different training will be organised. The trainings aim at 20 to 30
participants. The broad topics of the courses will be:
1. Introduction to Climate Smart Agriculture
2. Climate (Change) data and assessing climate change impacts on water resources and food
3. Climate Change Adaptation in the Agricultural Sector in Bangladesh.
4. Field training – Saline farming in Bangladesh