Master Program

Compulsory Courses

Global Climate Change and CSA

In this course, students learn about human induced climate change and its effects, especially on agricultural activities, as well as possible solutions, in particular Climate Smart Agriculture. Read more

Climate Change Impact Assessment

To reduce the vulnerability of agriculture to future climate change it is important to understand how students can assess the potential impacts of climate change on agriculture. Read more

Crop Modeling

During this course, students will learn how to quantify the effects of climate change on crop production. Read more

Soil, Water and Environment Management

The basic natural resources are soil, water and environment (light, air etc.). Therefore, students intended to follow MS in CSA should get sufficient theoretical and practical background on soil processes, nutrient dynamics in soils and nutrient budget while a comprehensive understanding on water management at crop level is equally important. Read more

Elective Courses

Coastal Ecosystems in Bangladesh are highly vulnerable to future climate change due to sea level rise, more extreme events and changes in river sediment transport and water flows. At the same these Coastal Systems deliver important ecosystem services such as flood protection, biodiversity conservation, fisheries, wood and other plant products. Read more

Remote Sensing and GIS for Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

Students of this course are expected to learn and understand the basic conceptsof GIS, spatial data and analysis techniques, and how to communicate results using a well‚Äźdesigned map. Read more

Gender and Social Inclusion in CSA

This course will help them to gain knowledge, skill and change attitude towards gender and social inclusion in the field of CSA. Read more

Farming Systems

In this course, students get familiar with the basic principles of farming systems, and the application of FSR, by learn about examples from across the world as well as from Bangladesh, in order to design and apply such research themselves. Read more

Compulsory Courses

CSA Technology Development

The proposed course will focus on the innovation of novel technologies in agriculture while advancement of the indigenous technologies will be equally discussed. Read more

Stress Management in CSA

Being a part of human resources development for sustainable management of crops grown under stress, this course will provide anin-depth understanding on the consequences of stresses in crop production. Importantly, the course will offer sustainable management strategies of different agricultural stresses. Therefore, the proposed course may contribute to achieving global food security. Read more

Research Methodology

Students of MS in CSA have to accomplish a mandatory research followed by thesis writing. This course will help them to accomplish that task efficiently. Read more

Climate Information Services

Graduates in scientific and professional field require knowledge on the theoretical design principles of climate services and how to apply those concepts into a scientific proposal; this course will help prepare them in this regard. Read more

Elective Courses

Mitigation of emissions from agriculture

Students of this course are expected to understand and enrich knowledge about climate smart agriculture (CSA) concepts, pillars and portfolios for CSA interventions. They will learn concepts related to mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission in agriculturetheir importance, impacts,and potential mitigation strategieswith a focus on Bangladesh and South Asia. Read more

Climate Change and Agricultural Policy

Students will gain an understanding of the way national level agricultural policies link to adaptation and mitigation of climate change action through farm level production and international trade and agreements. Read more

Data Management

Students of this course are expected to learn and understand the major conceptsof data management, processing, data governance, and basic data mining techniques with emphasis and consideration on climate smart agriculture (CSA) Read more

Agriculture in a Changing Climate

As part of the human resources development for facing the challenges in climate change in agriculture, the course will look at the long term consequences of climate change on agriculture in Bangladesh taking a broad look at the future. Read more