PhD research program

Two researchers from Patuakhali Science and Technology University (PSTU) have started their four-year PhD program in January 2020. The program is a so-called sandwich PhD. Sandwich PhD candidates are international PhD candidates who work at a university or research institute and only spend part of their time at Wageningen University (WU). The PhD candidates have written the research proposal at Wageningen University. Additionally, they have participated in a Climate Smart Agriculture related MSc course. Currently, the PhD candidates have returned to Bangladesh to work on their research – as far as the circumstances allow. When their research work is finished, they will return to Wageningen University to finalize the thesis. We would like to introduce you to our PhD candidates at this page. You can also find the abstract of their research proposal here.

Introducing PhD candidates

Moriom Akter Mousumi is lecturer at the department of plant pathology at PSTU. For her PhD she examines the opportunities for the use of Climate Information Services by farmers in coastal Bangladesh.

Md. Isfatuzzaman Bhuyan
is lecturer at the department of Agronomy. He examines adaptation strategies to salt intrusion in the coastal zones of Bangladesh. The research proposal of Md. Isfatuzzaman Bhuyan has been approved by the Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK).

Popular Scientific Summaries

Salt intrusion and adaptation in the coastal zones of Bangladesh under changing climate –Md. Isfatuzzaman Bhuyan         

Bangladesh is blessed with many islands along the Bay of Bengal. Climate induced changes such as sea level rise and water balance may affect the agro-ecosystems of these areas through saltwater intrusion. However, our understanding is limited about how these impacts will unveil in the future. This research aims to determine the impact of climate change on agriculture in the coastal district of Barisal and Patuakhali using advanced modelling. Location customized potential solutions will be identified through synthesizing farmers’ experiences, expert opinions and crop modelling. The findings of the PhD project will contribute to sustainable agricultural production in the coastal area of Bangladesh.