Food security
in a changing climate

Project RECSA

The densely populated coastal area of Bangladesh is severely threatened by climate change. Sea level rise enhances salt intrusion, which is worsened by persistent droughts. At the same time, flood risk increases. Flooding may damage crops and ruin the harvest. In other words, there is an urgent need for adapting the current agricultural practices to these changing circumstances. If not, food security of communities in coastal Bangladesh will be at risk. That is exactly where¬†Project RECSA: Climate Smart Agriculture for a Resilient Coastal Bangladesh¬†comes in. Read More…

In the coastal area of Bangladesh, salinity is considered one of the major challenges, while it is projected to increase with time due to multiple reasons, including climate change.

Md. Isfatuzzaman Bhuyan is lecturer at the department of Agronomy. He examines adaptation strategies to salt intrusion in the coastal zones of Bangladesh. Find here the first results of his research.

Soil and water samples collection points for different locations of southern coastal districts.

“To identify the climate information needs of the Bangladesh farmers we can co produce a climate information services that will meet their information needs. They know what happens in the field and how they can manage in advance. It will help their sustainable rice production in Bangladesh.”

Moriom Akter Mousumi